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Dr BN Desai, Former Director CSIR NIO Guiding Force CPWA Maharashtra Chapter
CPWA Maharashtra Chapter 80+ Fraternity Felicitation March 2016
Felicitation to Padma Vibhushan Dr R A Mashelkar
CPWA Maharashtra Chapter Members
CPWA Members
Mr. Dinesh Gupta, Website Designer & Dr A K Chaubey, Scientist-in-Charge, CSIR - NIO RC, Mumbai

CSIR Pensioners Welfare Association (CPWA) Lucknow


CPWA Headquarters, Lucknow, Regn. No. 1366 (1993-94)

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(Registered Office: 10 Chowdhry Square, Faizabad Road, Lucknow 226 007 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Tel. No. 0522-2321112, 2320025 | Website: www.csirpwa.org | Headquarters: B-7/1, LDA Flats, Niralanagar, Lucknow 226 020)



The CSIR Pensioners Welfare Association (CPWA) was formed on April 12, 1992 at Lucknow and registered on Nov. 4, 1993 under the Uttar Pradesh Societies Registration Act No. 21 of 1860, with an all-India jurisdiction. The membership of the Association comprises of all categories of superannuated employees (DG down to Group 1) from CSIR.


Over the years, the membership has consistently increased and presently it stands at >2250 (excluding 600 members of Affiliates of the Association), spread over all the CSIR establishments. The organizational network comprises of Head Office at Lucknow and eleven Branches/Chapters located at Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Goa, Hyderabad, Jammu, Jamshedpur, Jorhat, Lucknow, Maharashtra, Mysore and Palampur. In addition, four organizations functioning at Bangalore, Chennai, Dehradun and Roorkee are affiliated with CPWA.


However, the expanding organizational activities necessitated a change to another spacious accommodation. Thus, the present premises, flat B7/1, in Niralanagar, was acquired in Sep. 2008. The accommodation comprises of two rooms, a central hall, spacious courtyard, front lawn and a servants room. The association had to utilize all its cash funds, sale proceeds of Sahara flat and even then faced some financial shortfalls for making the deal to go through. This financial gap was overcome by the generous donations from the members.


It is now fully functional for all organizational needs of the Association as well as some indoor games facilities. With our efforts Pensioners participation in CSIR Sports Indoor Tournaments became a routine activity.


CSIR Pensioners Welfare Association [CPWA] holds its Anuual General Body Meeting (AGM) every year in March at its Headquarters, Lucknow.


Five AGMs were held outside Lucknow

2009 - Jorhat

2012 - Hyderabad

2013 - Mysore

2014 - Goa

2015 - Chandigarh


CPWA Maharashtra Chapter Members at CPWA AGMs:


Hyderabad 2012:     Mr KS Patil , Mrs Shalini A Patkie, Mr A V Mandalia & Dr V R Balasubrahmanyam

Mysore 2013:           Mr A V Mandalia & Dr V R Balasubrahmanyam

Goa 2014:                Dr. B N Desai, Dr. M D Zingde , Dr. V R Balasubrahmanyam , Mr A V Mandalia , Mr Tari Mohan Kehav  & Dr. S S Iyer

Chandigarh 2015:    Mr A V Mandalia     

Lucknow 2016:        Mr A V Mandalia & Dr V R Balasubrahmanyam        


 Chapters : (Eleven)


  1.  Bhubaneshwar
  2.  Chandigarh
  3.  Goa
  4.  Hyderabad
  5.  Jammu
  6.  Jamshedpur
  7.  Lucknow
  8.  Maharashtra
  9.  Mysore
  10.  NER (North Eastern Region)
  11.  Palampur


 Affilitates : Four


  1.  Bengaluru
  2.  Chennai
  3.  Dehradun
  4.  Roorkee



The main objectives of the Association have been to look after the welfare of superannuated CSIR employees, to maintain a close link with the CSIR Headquarters, Labs/Institutions and also be available as a pool of multidisciplinary expertise in times of need. The Association has been deeply concerned with the medi-care of pensioners. Its sustained multifaceted efforts were instrumental in the formulation of a scheme in 1994-95 by CSIR entitled “CSIR scheme of Medical Facilities to its Pensioners residing outside Delhi”. The scheme envisages medi-care to CSIR pensioners at par with the CGHS of Govt. of India.



Social activities, such as get-togethers on festivals, local and outside picnics and informative talks by specialists on matters of health and other ageing problems faced by pensioners, are in vogue at the centers of CPWA.

To further augment interaction among members, two more programmes were initiated in 2004 i.e. sending greetings to each member on his/her birthday and felicitation of members who attained the age of 80 years. These programmes have been highly appreciated by the members.


The CPWA has always been conscious of its social responsibilities and has enthusiastically extended its help whenever a national calamity struck, such as Orissa Cyclone, Gujarat Earthquake, Kargil, Tsunami, Uttarakhand and Kashmir disasters.



Publication of a book “CSIR Looking Back” containing experiences of the past Directors who were instrumental in shaping the CSIR as we see it today received wide acclaim as a marvelous nostalgic journey into the past of CSIR. CPWA also published a compilation entitled “CSIR Scheme for Medical Facilities to its Pensioners residing outside Delhi” and has brought out two supplements in 2007 and 2009 as a source of ready reference for the pensioners. The publication of the Newsletter started in 1993 and has been continued yearly since then. Its latest volume 23 appeared in Dec 2015. It has become a valuable publication of the Association, incorporating all relevant Govt./CSIR circulars, account of activities of Headquarters and Branches, and informative articles. The Directory of all the members will be updated every five years. However, the Newsletter would also contain any alteration/change in the directory on a year to year basis. A complete manual about the CSIR scheme extending medical facilities to its pensioners residing outside Delhi was published in December 2012 covering the period of 1994-2012. OM’s/circulars are also published in subsequent News Letters regularly.


Below are some of the Publications:

  1.  Proceeding of Symposium Jointly organized by CSIR Pensioners Welfare Association and North-East Institute of  Science and Technology on “Healthy Life in Platinum Years & Thereafter"
  2.  Directory of Members and deceased members of CSIR Pensioners Welfare Association. This Booklet also has   details of Guest Houses and Dispensaries of CSIR
  3.  CPWA Newsletter – No.1 (1993) – Latest No.23 (2015)
  4.   CSIR Looking Back – 1997
  5.  *CSIR Scheme Extending Medical facilities to its Pensioners Residing outside Delhi - 2004
  6.   Supplement to the Above* 2004-2006 – 2007
  7.   Supplement to the Above* 2007-2009 – 2009
  8.   Souvenir: Symposium on Healthy Life in Platinum Years & Thereafter CSIR-NEIST, Jorhat – 2009
  9.   Healthy Life in Platinum Years & Thereafter – 2011
  10.  Complete Manual on CSIR Scheme Extending Medical facilities to its Pensioners Residing outside Delhi  1994-2012 - 2012
  11.  Souvenir: Food, Life Style & Health Annual Convention CSIR-CFTRI, Mysore – 2013
  12.  CSIR Pensioners Welfare Association Members Directory 1993-2013 - 2013
  13.  Souvenir: Symposium on Coastal Environment & Health CSIR-NIO, Goa – 2014
  14.  Souvenir: Symposium on Contribution of CSIR in health care during last 25 years and futurisitic vision-  CSIR-NBRI -2016